The Big Picture of Dinopolis Slots

The success rate of anthropomorphic dinosaurs is low. The result of getting this wrong is movies like “Theodore Rex,” which only managed a 2.5/10 rating on IMDB. If you succeed, however, you may have an impact on artists for decades. That’s the case with the squishy characters from the award-winning TV show “Dinosaurs,” which 30 years later inspired the slot game “Dinopolis” from Push Gaming.

Envision a universe where the dinosaurs survived the impact of the asteroid and went on to develop intellect on par with humans. What would they do just for fun, exactly? If the metropolis of Dinopolis is any indication, they would be living large in a Las Vegas–style sin city, where they might spend their days gambling and winning big. Dinopolis is a slot machine game that can be found here, and it features 5 reels and 576 pay ways on a 3x4x4x3 grid. If the background weren’t so flashy, the desktop layout of the reels would be more of an issue. The casinos along the Las Vegas Strip are already exaggerated, but just picture what it would be like if they were the size of dinosaurs. It’s refreshing to see dinosaurs in a new light, especially when you add a jangly rockabilly soundtrack, they’re no longer pounding through the bush cutting humans to pieces for sustenance.

You can get your dino jiving on on any device, with bets as little as 10 cents and as much as £/€100 each spin. The numbers in any Push Gaming slot, including Dinopolis, tend to look well. Push has a very reliable return to player percentage of 96.40 percent and a highly volatile mathematical model, albeit not as extreme as that seen in games like Razor Shark or Jammin’ Jars. In spite of the difficulty that may be involved in actually triggering the bonus game, the fact that huge winning possibilities lie behind it all makes for potentially rewarding gaming experiences.

In Dinopolis, you win money when three or more of the same symbol appear on adjacent reels, starting on the leftmost reel. Push Gaming is so committed to originality that they’ve done away with standard playing card suites and royals. However, high stakes consist of four dinos, including a Jessica Rabbit lookalike, who appear to be having a great time while the low stakes are made up of dice, chips, cards, and cash. The final two extremely high payouts are for boss guys who resemble triceratops and are worth 7.5-10 times the bet for 5 of a type.

Dinopolis Slot Functions

The game’s main objective is to activate the Dino Bonus, a progressive feature with many levels to which you must proceed in order to win. The presence of wild multipliers and unique Dino Coins in the main game keeps players on their toes.

On Reels 2, 3, or 4, the Wild symbol can stand in for any other symbol (save the Scatter) to help you win. In some cases, Wilds will appear with an x2 or x3 multiplier. If a multiplier appears on a reel, it will boost the number of opportunities to win by that amount.

Dino Coins, which can appear on reels 1 and 5, carry multipliers of 1, 2, 5, 25, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000, respectively. Coins are rewarded when at least two wild symbols appear on reels 2 through 4. Players’ wins from given coins are equal to their wager times the number on the coin. Any victory in Dino Coins is increased by a wild multiplier.

The Dino Bonus round is activated when three purple card scatters appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. When the bonus round begins, participants will get four face-down cards from which they can choose one. After then, a new hand of cards is given and the selection process is repeated. Both the number of free spins and the active feature are revealed on the second card. Some of the highlights are:

Full reel wilds with a 2x multiplier appear on Reels 2, 3, or 4 as sticky stack wilds. Stack wilds add up to a greater total value when more than one is shown at once.

Whenever a sticky stack wild appears on a single reel, the reel’s multiplier is boosted by 1.

All sticky stack wilds’ multipliers are increased by 1, and the effect is applied to all reels.

When a golden card is revealed, the player gets two free upgrades.

Dino Coins with a distinctive dot-highlighted border may appear during free spins. The meter adjacent to the reels is filled as a result. When 5 are accumulated, the bonus round advances to the next level, and the meter is reset. You get to choose two more cards before you advance to the next level, giving you another chance to get access to bonus features and free spins. There are five stages in all.

Jurassic Slots in Dino-Town

It’s probably safer to keep dinosaurs as savage beasts rather than risking a more nuanced portrayal by giving them human features. Push Gaming is hoping that players would fall in love with the monsters after seeing that they have more to offer than simply a taste for human flesh. It mostly succeeds, too, and Dinopolis is very different from how dinosaurs are typically represented in popular culture. The lack of gnashing teeth is a welcome contrast from the dino-themed slot machines.

While the coin win structure is reminiscent to that seen in Razor Shark, the bonus game’s emphasis on card choosing to reveal wild reels, free spins, and multipliers is reminiscent of Thunderkick’s Wild Heist. Dinopolis’s chance to go wild comes, of course, in the bonus game, but getting there can take some time. That means there may be some drudgery in the main game, but the Dino Coin Symbols and generally upbeat design help keep things moving in Dinopolis.

Even when activated, the chance of receiving free spins was low. Hits might be worth up to fifty thousand times your initial wager on a good day. The card-selection mechanism is useful because it introduces some element of randomization, increasing the likelihood that no two bonus games will be identical. The Dino Coin method has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s amazing when you sneakily win or gather enough coins to move forward in the bonus round. When high-value symbols land in the center reels, they can sometimes prevent a winning combination from forming. Despite the fact that we played Dinopolis for three days straight without stopping (and maybe played over a hundred features), we never made it to level 5 once. And the largest win wasn’t even from the bonus spins; it was from the regular game when I hit one of the x1000 gold coins.

But overall, Dinopolis offers a lively, new topic in a rousing, positive setting with strong chances of success. The citizens of Dinopolis may look all smiles and rock ‘n’ roll, but don’t be fooled by their silly attire; this is simply another high-stakes Push Gaming machine.

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